Top 10 Famous Places to Visit in Puri in 2024

Puri, a coastal town in the eastern state of Odisha, India, is known for its beautiful sea beach and religious significance. While spending time at the beach is a must-do activity, there are also several other exciting things to do near Puri Sea Beach. In this article, we will explore the top 10 things to do near Puri Sea Beach that will make your visit to this coastal town even more memorable.

Visit the Jagannath Temple

The Jagannath Temple, located just a short distance from Puri Sea Beach, is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage sites in India. Dedicated to Lord Jagannath, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, this temple attracts millions of devotees every year. The temple complex is known for its architectural grandeur and houses several smaller temples and shrines. Visitors can witness the famous Rath Yatra festival, where the deities are taken out in a grand procession on elaborately decorated chariots. A visit to the Jagannath Temple is a spiritual and cultural experience that should not be missed.

Explore the Konark Sun Temple

Another architectural marvel near Puri Sea Beach is the Konark Sun Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in the 13th century, this temple is dedicated to the Sun God and is known for its intricate stone carvings and unique architecture. The temple is designed in the shape of a colossal chariot with 24 wheels, each representing an hour of the day. Visitors can marvel at the detailed carvings depicting various mythological stories and enjoy the serene surroundings. The Konark Sun Temple is a must-visit attraction for history and architecture enthusiasts.

Take a Boat Ride in Chilika Lake

Located about 50 kilometers from Puri Sea Beach, Chilika Lake is the largest brackish water lagoon in Asia and a haven for birdwatchers and nature lovers. The lake is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, including migratory birds like flamingos and pelicans. Visitors can take a boat ride on the lake and explore its picturesque islands, such as Nalabana Island, which is a designated bird sanctuary. The boat ride offers a unique opportunity to witness the beauty of the lake and its surrounding mangrove forests. Chilika Lake is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and a perfect day trip from Puri Sea Beach.

Visit the Raghurajpur Heritage Village

Located just a short drive from Puri Sea Beach, Raghurajpur is a heritage village known for its traditional Pattachitra paintings and handicrafts. The village is home to several artisans who have been practicing these traditional art forms for generations. Visitors can explore the narrow lanes of the village and witness the artists at work, creating intricate paintings and handicrafts. The village also hosts an annual art festival called the Raghurajpur International Art and Craft Festival, where artists from around the world showcase their talent. A visit to Raghurajpur offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Odisha.

Enjoy Water Sports at Puri Beach

While Puri Sea Beach itself offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere, it also offers a range of water sports activities for adventure enthusiasts. Visitors can indulge in activities like jet skiing, banana boat rides, parasailing, and surfing. The beach is dotted with several water sports operators who provide equipment and trained instructors. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced thrill-seeker, there is something for everyone at Puri Beach. Enjoy the adrenaline rush and make unforgettable memories with these exciting water sports activities.

Explore the Sudarshan Crafts Museum

Located near Puri Sea Beach, the Sudarshan Crafts Museum is a must-visit for art lovers. The museum showcases a wide range of traditional Odisha handicrafts, including stone and wood carvings, Pattachitra paintings, and palm leaf engravings. Visitors can witness the skilled artisans at work and even try their hand at some of the crafts under their guidance. The museum also conducts workshops and demonstrations to promote and preserve these traditional art forms. A visit to the Sudarshan Crafts Museum is a great way to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Odisha.

Witness the Sand Art at Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga Beach, located a short distance from Puri Sea Beach, is famous for its sand art. Visitors can witness the talented sand artists creating intricate sculptures and designs on the beach. The sculptures often depict mythological stories, religious symbols, and famous personalities. The beach also hosts an annual sand art festival, where artists from around the world showcase their skills. Chandrabhaga Beach is a unique destination for art enthusiasts and offers a mesmerizing experience.

Visit the Puri Beach Market

A visit to Puri Sea Beach is incomplete without exploring the bustling Puri Beach Market. The market offers a wide range of local handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs. Visitors can shop for traditional Odisha sarees, seashell crafts, wooden artifacts, and much more. The market is also known for its street food stalls, where you can savor delicious local delicacies like Puri Bhaji, Chhena Poda, and Rasgulla. The vibrant atmosphere and the aroma of street food make the Puri Beach Market a must-visit destination for shopping and food lovers.

Relax and Rejuvenate with Ayurvedic Spa Therapy

Puri is known for its Ayurvedic spa centers that offer rejuvenating therapies and treatments. Visitors can indulge in relaxing massages, herbal baths, and other Ayurvedic treatments to unwind and rejuvenate. The spa centers use natural ingredients and traditional techniques to provide a holistic healing experience. After a day of exploring the attractions near Puri Sea Beach, pamper yourself with a soothing spa therapy and feel refreshed.

Attend the Puri Beach Festival

If you happen to visit Puri Sea Beach during the Puri Beach Festival, consider yourself lucky. The festival is a celebration of art, culture, and music and attracts artists and performers from all over the country. Visitors can enjoy live music performances, dance shows, sand art exhibitions, and various cultural programs. The festival also features a food fair where you can savor a wide range of local and international cuisines. The Puri Beach Festival is a vibrant and lively event that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Odisha.


In conclusion, Puri Sea Beach offers not only a picturesque coastline but also a plethora of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. From exploring ancient temples and heritage villages to indulging in water sports and witnessing sand art, there is something for everyone near Puri Sea Beach. So, plan your visit to Puri and make sure to include these top 10 things to do in your itinerary for an unforgettable experience.

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